Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Below is a list of all the general business risk products we offer:

Buildings (Combined):

Buildings insurance provides comprehensive cover against multiple risks, including the theft of fixtures and fittings, fire, loss of rent and more.


Mother Nature – and mankind – can play havoc with your buildings, stock and equipment. Talk to us about protecting your assets against damage caused by fire, storms, malicious damage, aircraft impact and more covered under this section.

Office contents:

Setting up an office is an expensive business. It’s filled with valuable items ranging from desks and chairs, to boardroom tables and all-important documentation. We’ll help you protect your investments.

Business interruption:

If your property suffers severe damage it can result in unexpected expenses, interrupted workflow and a loss of revenue. Talk to us about how we can keep you on target.


Protect your business contents against loss or damage should criminals gain forcible entry (or exit) into your building, including damage as a result of an armed robbery.


Keeping cash at your premises is part and parcel of doing business. We’ll protect it against loss or damage while it’s on your property or on route to the bank.


Broken glass not only looks unsightly, it can leave your property vulnerable and exposed. We offer you cover against the risk of accidental breakage.

Goods in Transit:

Whenever goods are being transported there’s always a risk that they’ll be damaged or stolen. We will make sure your items are properly covered.

Deterioration of Stock:

Mechanical breakdown is an ongoing threat to refrigerated stock, which is why Deterioration of Stock cover is there to protect you against such an eventuality.

Business All Risk:

We provide comprehensive cover for loss or damage to equipment that’s kept on a fixed premises and off.

Accidental Damage:

Accidents can have a negative impact on your business. Let us take care of out-of-the-ordinary events that aren’t covered anywhere else on a policy.

Fidelity Insurance:

No one wants to think ill of a colleague, but theft does happen and it’s often an in-house job. Our cover will help you get your company back on the straight and narrow.

Public Liability Insurance:

Make sure you and your employees are covered should you accidentally damage someone else’s property or cause injury or death during the course of business.

Personal Accident Cover:

On the clock, or off, should you or an employee be accidentally injured, we will provide a pay-out based on the compensation limit you requested.

Electronic Equipment:

Most businesses rely heavily on the smooth running of their computers and other electronic equipment. A glitch in the system can dent productivity and the bottom line – make sure you’re covered.

Machinery Breakdown:

While a policy may cover machinery for fire and theft, there are instances in which equipment is accidentally damaged as a result of operator error, carelessness or a circuit short, we’ll make sure you’re covered for any eventuality.

Specialists Liability

Specialists Liability

Below is a list of all the specialists liability products we offer:

Public Liability – If required without other business assets insurance.

Umbrella – Increased liability limits (Excess Layer Protection, differencing conditions and additional risks).

Broad form – One liability policy incorporating Public Liability, Products Liability, Defective Workmanship, and Inefficacy.

Directors and Officers – Protects Directors and Officers from being held personally liable following a loss caused by a breach of a fiduciary duty.

Contractors Liability – Specialist cover for the construction industry and all contractors.

Inefficacy – Failure of a product to perform as specified and or to fulfill its intended function leading to claims made against the insured.

Products Recall – Cost incurred in recalling a defective product (or product suspected of being defective).

Guarantee – Replacement of product which fails to perform it’s intended / specified function.

Kidnap and Ransom - Costs resulting from kidnap and ransom demands including the costs of a negotiator.

Pollution and Spillage Liabilities – Cover for the clean-up costs, gradual pollution and environmental impact liability.

Professional Indemnity – Insurance to cover the legal liability impact of the professional advice given to a client e.g. errors or omissions – design or other advise of a professional nature.

Sectional Title

Sectional Title

All-inclusive solutions for both commercial and domestic sectional title property complexes big or small. Comprehensive cover that includes the various liability insurances, levy guarantee, and loss of rent to name a few.

Contractors All Risk

Contractors All Risk

  • Insurance to cover the materials for a contract to site and temporarily stored on site,
  • Work in Progress,
  • Damage to surrounding property
  • Liability for injury to other people or damage to other parties’ property.
Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity

The benefits of Professional Indemnity:

Protection against negligent work claims.

Everyone makes mistakes. But those in professional positions can’t afford to ignore accusations of negligence. Allegations must be defended or admitted, which can prove to be a costly process. Trust us to provide you with adequate Professional Indemnity cover that protects both the individual and the business.

Protect the company’s reputation.

Just because an employee breaks the law, your company’s good name shouldn’t be dragged through the mud. Our Professional Indemnity cover goes a long way to protect your company’s reputation.